Case Study 3: Workplace Air Analysis

Air analysis at a large Port Moresby cement facility.


Our client at a Port Moresby facility conducted cement and flyash debagging within a large, tent-like structure. Large (3 tonne) bags of cement and flyash were transferred into the tent where they were emptied into dedicated hoppers. BELL Laboratories was asked to conduct air analysis to measure the concentrations of inhalable and respirable dust, crystalline silica and chromium Vl.


The Solution.


Five workers engaged in the operations were fitted with air sampling pumps and cyclone/filter assembles in order to capture samples for air testing. The pumps were set to sample at 2.5 lpm and were calibrated before and after the ten-hour shift.


It was clear that significant concentrations of dust were generated during the debagging process. The majority of the suspended material settled within a few minutes of each bag being emptied. During one ten-hour shift, 120 tonnes of cement and 40 tonnes of flyash were debagged.




It was determined that the air quality was within the safe range for workers. As long as they wore the protective masks in the prescribed manner, and as long as production volumes remained unchanged, the workers should have adequate respiratory protection while working.


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