Air Quality Consulting & Calibration

Meet the operational requirements and legal obligations associated with indoor and outdoor air quality with ease.


Air quality management is a complex discipline requiring knowledge of:


  • process engineering
  • environmental engineering
  • chemistry and
  • biological sciences.


BELL Laboratories have broad experience designing and implementing air monitoring strategies for residential, commercial, industrial, and government clients.


Our air quality services include: 


  • Designing customised monitoring solutions
  • Deploying appropriate equipment and instrumentation
  • Maintaining and calibrating monitoring equipment
  • Monitoring relevant weather conditions
  • Ensuring that the methodology complies to regulatory standards and guidelines
  • Processing and reporting air quality data, and comparing data with regulatory guidelines


Our experienced and qualified staff measure, model, assess and manage air quality, our services include:


  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Air Dispersion Modelling
  • Building material emissions
  • Building air leakage
  • Clean room certification
  • Compressed air certification
  • Cooling tower drift measurement
  • Furniture emissions
  • Gas detector calibrations
  • Regulatory compliance & reporting


For more information about our consulting services please call us on 1800 878 262 or email