About BELL Laboratories


Workplace Air Analysis, Indoor Air Testing and Environmental Solutions.


BELL Laboratories are specialists in the sampling and analysis of Workplace Air and Indoor Air Quality Testing. We provide reassurance and certainty to our clients with the expertise to resolve complex environmental problems, including air sampling, workplace air analysis and legally defensible reporting.


Not just testing and analysis, but real solutions to your problems.


Our job doesn’t end when you receive our easy to read report: our problem-solving capability leads to a practical solution you can implement along with the report.


Our solution-based focus sets us apart from our competitors whose services usually do not extend beyond the measurement of the most basic parameters of temperature, relative humidity (RH), carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO).


Instead, we deliver high-quality, comprehensive, cost-effective air monitoring solutions with the aim to foster healthy, productive indoor air environments where your employees will feel refreshed, reassured, alert and energised.


Our air testing and analysis services include:


  • Workplace Atmospheres: including manufacturing, mining, construction, restaurants, hospitals, pharmaceutical clean rooms, government and transport hubs (airports, train stations, bus stations etc.).
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing: includes commercial office buildings, retail, hospitals and medical clinics, schools and childcare centres, sporting and recreational centres, and residential properties.


A Science-Based Sampling and Analysis Approach


We undertake a science-based approach to all of our air testing and analysis services using National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory services. We provide legally defensible air sampling strategies and easy-to-understand reports. We assist all manner of employers, property owners, and building managers ensure the environment they and their employees work and live in is a healthy one.


Bell Laboratories works with a wide range of clients including:


  • Commercial office buildings
  • Airports and other transport hubs
  • Hospitals and medical clinics
  • Pharmaceutical clean rooms
  • Schools and child care centres
  • Sporting and recreational facilities
  • Residential properties and private homes
  • Government departments


Our People


Wayne Anderson

wayne-andersonWayne consults widely on both indoor air quality and ambient air quality. From an early start in non-destructive testing, his career moved through gold and nickel mining in Western Australia; through to coal research, water treatment and eventually to managing a NATA accredited analytical laboratory in Sydney.


Wayne returned to his hometown of Auckland in 1996 and to a rewarding period spent with International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ). At IANZ, Wayne lead technical and quality system assessments of chemical, biological, mechanical, electrical, EMC, applied physics and metrology laboratories to ISO 9002 / ISO 17025. He also managed IANZ’s international proficiency testing programmes.


The knowledge Wayne acquired working alongside scientists in such a diverse range of disciplines continues to inform the work of BELL Laboratories.


A move to Melbourne and into the role of Operations Manager at EML Air in 2001, saw Wayne shift his focus to air testing. This was an exciting time in air emissions testing: regulatory changes in Victoria and the expansion of EML Air’s business inter-state led to a period of sustained growth.


The opening of offices in New South Wales and Western Australia saw EML Air winning clients in a wider range of industries and eventually undertaking its most ambitious project to date: an air emissions impact assessment, commissioned by Boyne Smelters Limited in conjunction with Queensland EPA. The project comprised a stack testing program involving sixty-seven point sources (stacks or vents) and an ambient monitoring program involving multiple sampling locations both on-site and off-site. This is the largest and most comprehensive stack monitoring campaign undertaken in Australasia.  The campaign included more than one thousand individual air emission tests and encompassed more than twenty different test parameters.


Looking for a new challenge Wayne saw an opportunity testing air within the built environment - the one we spend most of our time in. His concern for occupants health and comfort within indoor environments, ultimately lead to the development of BELL Laboratories. Wayne’s goal is to provide the same high level of service and scientific rigour he has previously applied to air emission testing for his clients with BELL Laboratories.


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